In 1996, John and Patty Noel established the Noel Compass Scholarship, a full ride scholarship created to give proactive high school minority students an opportunity to gain a valuable education and work experience in Stevens Point, WI.

The scholarship focuses on five “ships:” Scholarship, Internship, Mentorship, Fellowship and Leadership. Each of these “ships” is designed to help each Compass Scholar through their journey at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and help them adapt in their new environment.

Funded by Noel Compass Foundation, students selected to the Noel Compass Scholarship will receive valuable work experience that many college students do not receive during their tenure at UWSP.


"To be an ambassador of diversity while motivating and encouraging others through exemplifying leadership and open-mindedness. In addition, experiencing the wholesome education required to bring forth successful citizens of the world."

1108 Fremont Street - Stevens Point, WI 54481