How Do I Apply?

To better collaborate our efforts to identify the best students for the Noel Compass Scholar Program, our Board of Directors have decided to identify 6 schools who will nominate their best possible candidates to be interviewed by the Noel Compass Scholar Program Board. The number of scholarships awarded each year would depend on the caliber of candidates nominated and the availability of internship opportunities.
Only students of the following schools are eligible for this scholarship for this period.

1. Rufus King High School - Milwaukee

2. Riverside University High School- Milwaukee

3. Reagan High School - Milwaukee

4. Carmen High School - Milwaukee

5. Milwaukee High School of the Arts - Milwaukee

6. Kenosha Bradford - Kenosha

If you are in the above mentioned schools, please contact your guidance counselors for an application and how to apply for the program.


If you have questions about the Noel Compass Scholar program or would like additional information, please contact:

Sam Dinga
Mentoring and Internships Coordinator
Office: 715-346-2233

1108 Fremont Street - Stevens Point, WI 54481